Retiree, yes even senior citizen based on some standards, and yet I am still excited about using computers and the internet. It appears to be a challenge that I must master. I listen to my friends talk about texting, being on Facebook, Twitter, etc. but they have no interest in staying current and communicating with their children in this way. By the way, most of them do send emails and have a cell phone so they are not totally dark ages. I say join them but also embrace other means of being connected. I must say I enjoy getting text messages from my lovely daughter in addition to our daily phone calls. To me it is just another way to stay in touch. Dave and I both enjoy spending as much time as possible with her.

For many years our lives revolved around our family and the classroom. Dave and I are both retired teachers after spending 33 wonderful years in the classroom. I spent most of my career in the second grade — my all-time favorite. My interest in using computers developed during this time when Dave and I pursued a computer endorsement to aid us in the classroom. Dave taught science and computers in the middle school and high school, as well as being athletic director for 3 years. During our teaching career, we spent many after school hours at school as well, usually at sporting events.

Ou daughter, Shauna, has now decided to pursue a teaching career. She is a combination of the best parts of two long time teachers. She is already well liked and accepted by the students and well respected by her colleagues. She has done an amazing job during her first year in two temporary positions.

Retirement provides different opportunities for each individual retiree. Some retirees enjoy traveling, but Dave and I prefer to pursue other endeavors that we were unable to pursue during our teaching career. Dave started buying and selling some antiques on eBay. We pursued a couple business opportunities that were not for us. We even attended a Meet-up group where we learned much about the internet, social media, as well as online writing.

Our most fulfilling retirement endeavor, however, has been our increased involvement in our church activities — from volunteering and serving to Bible study and community groups to my latest endeavor of being on staff in the Early Childhood department. As we continue on our journey, we keep our hearts and minds open to opportunities that God may place before us as we seek to follow God’s plan for our lives.


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